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What do you know about the DNA 2008 conference that featured the world’s most innovative media companies? From almost 50 speakers and professionals that shared their opinions on how to survive today’s news age, a lot of notes were taken up and has helped a lot on how to turn their programs into a useful content and engage with it by starting conversations. If you have to review it, you will also find how media professionals adjust to the latest changes in the world of the news industry. But do you need to know more?

DNA 2008 DNA 2008 for You

We will be sharing people success stories and how those can affect us. With this blog, we will open your eyes to the All of the stories worth hearing about.

Welcome to our blog!

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5 Top Software Engineering Schools

Recent technological advancement is a result of the utilization of software engineering principles. This has positively impacted our computer-driven living. Software engineering is one of the most successful careers these days and top software engineers came from top software engineering schools.

Top Software Engineering Schools 5 Top Software Engineering Schools

Understandably, part of the package any employer would look for while job hunting is the academic excellence of the community where you came from. Top computer and software schools are expected to equip their students, not only with theoretical knowledge, but with trainings and non-academic applications.

To guide you more in choosing which top University to pursue Software Engineering, consider this guide:

1.    Florida Institute of Technology

download 8 5 Top Software Engineering Schools

Florida Institute of Technology offers a general faculty–student ratio of 1:13, commendably very well. Freshmen retention is consistently above 77% and student population is only at 2,000. This small population allow professors to focus more on their students’ learning and each student is given enough space to thoroughly train and learn. The tuition fee is at $25,150.

2.    Michigan Technological University

download 9 5 Top Software Engineering Schools

Michigan Technological University excellent academic abode provides a faculty ratio of 1:11, perfectly commendable for student learning. The Instate tuition fee is at $8,194.00 and out-state tuition is at $19,384.00. This community is dubbed as the place of academic excellence with roughly more than 50% of the 5,000 plus population scored 24-29 in the ACT.

3.    Milwaukee School of Engineering

download 10 5 Top Software Engineering Schools

Milwaukee School of Engineering offers both undergraduate and master’s degree in software engineering. The school population is as small as 2,000 only and the community is known to be normally involved in the employment of its graduates. The school also promotes closer ties among its students to help students weave a close employment network among its graduates.

4.    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

images 12 5 Top Software Engineering Schools

Undoubtedly, this school is leading the way in providing computer science and software engineering related courses. Roughly 30% of its student population are enrolled in either electrical or software engineering courses. MIT offers a low bracket tuition scheme at a price of $37,782 per year which covers extensive laboratory trainings which most employees are looking for when hiring applicants.

5.    Carnegie Mellon University

download 11 5 Top Software Engineering Schools

The academic society has dubbed Carnegie Mellon University as an academic institution where the home of advance technical studies is, because its software engineering curriculum includes theory, programming and beyond. Full time undergraduate students pay $18,350 per semester and the entire masters program is packaged at $55,050.00.

The academic institution where you came from naturally separates you from the rest of the graduates out there seeking the same job as yours. Being a product of these top software engineering schools gives you the advantage to land a job faster over the rest of the graduates. Choose the school that suits your budget but can lead you to a brighter future of becoming a software engineer.

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All the Information You Need to Get to College at www.crazyscholarships.org

Thoughts about college can drive any high school senior nuts. They have so many questions in their minds, and are full of doubts and apprehension. Good thing there’s www.crazyscholarships.org. This website is full of relevant information a high school senior may need in coming up with the important life decisions he or she is to make in the coming months. This website, www.crazyscholarships.org, is sort of a go-to guide for anyone who wishes to enter college or the university. Just what things can you get from this cool and awesome website?

Crazy Scholarship All the Information You Need to Get to College at www.crazyscholarships.org

Features on Weird and Obscure College Majors

Not everyone wants to be an accountant, a doctor or a lawyer. There are those with specialized skills and interest and they want to apply those in their choice of a major. Crazy Scholarships has articles that shed light on college majors and college programs that not a lot of people know about. These majors can lead to very rewarding and profitable jobs. As an example they have features on what a Phlebotomist is and what a Pediatric Nurse is.

Sound Advice on How to get to College

Crazy Scholarships also has articles giving out advice on how to break it and make it to college. Fretting because your GPAs or SATs is low? Not a problem; the website has practical advice on how to get to college even with low scores. Their recommendations are helpful to anyone (even to those with high scores).

College Survival Guide

Afraid that you just won’t cut it? Don’t worry too much. Crazy Scholarships has expert advice on how to survive the four years where you have to be away from home. They have a steady stream of articles that serve as a survival guide for college students (which comes in handy for freshmen). Advice on what to pack, how to find a good dorm and maintaining your budget are just some of the examples of what Crazyscholarships has on their website.

Information on Schools

The website is a repository of information on colleges and universities. You can do your research there and find out which schools offer the majors you’re interested in. They have a list of the cheapest universities and also the most expensive. You can even find information on schools that accept students with low SAT scores.

And, of course, Scholarship Information

They wouldn’t be named Crazy Scholarships if they didn’t feature articles on how to secure scholarships. If you want to get into college through a scholarship then Crazyscholarships is the right place for you to find out how. They are a good resource for information about college scholarships.

It’s amazing that one website can have serve as a comprehensive resource for all those who are thinking of entering college. They pull all the stops to provide nothing but the best information. They know that college can be daunting. They’re trying to bridge the gap by providing students with a website that they can refer to in times of confusion and doubt. Check out www.crazyscholarships.org now.

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