The Top 15 Free College Apps Every Student Must Have

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It’s not easy being in college. The university freshman literally embarks on a new adventure that can make or break his/her future. More often than not, money problems arise, and the student should get ready for the challenges that have to be faced, with or without the budget. Fortunately, there are free college apps that the university newbie can use in order to make his/her life a little bit easier.

free college apps

Here are the top 15 free apps for college students that any undergrad will definitely appreciate.

1. Scholly

Helps to ease the basic financial burden of tuition fees. It provides a targeted list of scholarships that any student, from high school to graduate school, can avail of. It’s available in iOS and Android versions, with a very minimal fee of $0.99. Compared to the big savings it could dispense, this college app is truly worth its price.

2. BillMinder

This is another useful college app. As its name suggests, this app reminds the student if a bill or a loan is due for payment, so as to avoid incurring any late payment fees. Again, this app is not free but at $1.99, it’s another valuable app that you won’t regret having.

3. Mint

The Mint Is a freebie, and is one of those absolutely indispensable budgeting tools for tracking personal expenses. It’s available in iOS and Android.

4. Venmo 

Another useful university mobile app is Venmo, which is free for both iOS and Android. You can link your bank account to this app so that IOUs between you and your friends can be paid in a snap.

5. ATM Hunter 

If you’re in a new location and unfamiliar with where the ATMs are, then it would be helpful to have the ATM Hunter, which shows you where they are located. There is an added filtering feature that allows you to find only your bank’s ATM to avert that extra surcharge. This app is complimentary for Android, iOS and Windows-compatible devices.

free college apps

6. Lemon Wallet 

And just in case you lose your wallet, you can still use your credit card via your mobile. Lemon Wallet is an app that stores a digital copy of all your cards so you can access them whenever and wherever you need them. Free for iOS and Android.

7. Chegg

The Chegg app lets you buy or rent new or used textbooks, or buy books in digital format which are usually cheaper than their printed counterparts. This useful college app costs $0 for Android and iOS, but the books are not. However, you can sell your own used textbooks via this same app to offset your current book expenses.

8. AppsGoneFree

You don’t have to waste any more time finding the best apps for your iPhone. AppsGoneFree is another one of those great mobile apps because it lists highly-rated expert-picked apps at no cost. The only caveat is that it’s only available for iOS.

9. If you need a file storage or a cloud drive to sync all your files, it would be useful to have Google Drive, Evernote or Trello so your files will be more organized, depending on your requirements. It will also be easier to access. The good news is, it’s available for most devices and it’s free!

10. For those who are looking at loosening up a bit during the weekend, the DrinkOwl or Mixologist apps may just do the trick. DrinkOwl highlights drinks and happy hours by drink type, college campus and city. Mixologist lets your bartending tendencies come out by helping you mix your own. Both apps cost $0.

11. The Circle of 6

App copped the 2011 White House and HHS “Apps against Abuse” award, vouching for this as a great app. It keeps the student safe by connecting him/her with 6 trusted contacts. One of its features is the pre-programmed “come and get me” message which is sent to the owner’s GPS location. Cost-free for both iOS and Android.

12. TED

Talks can give anyone access to the world’s most fascinating thought leaders. Any student would surely be enlightened by experts, gurus and tech geniuses expounding on varied topics.            

Make sure to keep this list of free college apps as they will indubitably make your college life more rewarding and fun.